Ticker: XONE

Contract Address: 0xa5F6D0e8f7E340d3F333F42c6d92b0B70a21A899

Chain: Polygon Chain (CRC20)


XONE is a dynamic utility token and the Xfactory's main token. Moreover, XONE is an oscillating token designed to maintain the value of MATIC at a ratio of 1:1. You can earn XONE by staking XSHARE on the Xfactory platform or swapping on our dex.

Use XONE to:

  • Stake it in pools and farms

  • Buy single and LP nodes

Fee & Taxe

To secure peg, we've implemented an innovative function that automatically activates a 15% tax as soon as XONE's TWAP is below 1. The tax only applies when selling the token. Moreover, the tax gets automatically lifted once TWAP is above 1.

The team has the possibility to change the tax percentage and even cut it to zero. However, this will be done in close coordination with the community. On the upside, the smart contract does not allow taxes higher than 15%.

Total Supply


Initial Allocation

Please refer to Launch.

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