Investment Strategies


Stake DARKX in Diamond Vaults

10% of bot earnings will be staked in diamond vaults and distributed to holders.

Buy X3DEFI AI Trading NFT

10% of bot earnings will be airdropped to NFT holders.

Direct Investment

50% of bot earnings will be distributed to direct investment according to the value in relation to the total direct investment. 1% Deposit Fee.

Reward Payouts

  • Rewards will be distributed once a week OR once the total earnings have reached $500.

  • Rewards will be paid in USDC.

  • NFT holders receive their rewards as an airdrop. Direct investors can withdraw using the UI.

UI Explanation


  • AI Trading Bot TVL: Total value of the AI bot

  • Total Unrealized P/L: Current profit/loss of the bot(s) that haven't been distributed

  • Your investment: In case you made a direct investment, it will show here. The amount can change according to the bot's performance.

  • Unrealized P/L: Your share of the current P/L that haven't been distributed

  • Claimable profit: Amount of tokens that have been added to your account and can be claimed anytime. This amount is independent of the bot's performance since it has been removed from the bot and added to your account.

  • Realized profit: All-time profit that has been claimed

  • Exp. Profit/NFT: Current estimation of the amount every NFT will receive with the next airdrop.

Action Fields

  • Invest: Currently, it is only possible to invest using WMATIC

  • Withdraw Profits: Withdraw the claimable profit amount

  • Withdraw Funds: Request to withdraw your funds. (Funds can't be withdrawn directly and processing your request can take up to 48 hours).

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