About XONE

XONE is designed to be used as a medium of exchange. The built-in stability mechanism in the protocol deterministically expands and contracts XONE's supply to its 1:1 peg to MATIC in the long run.

Moreover, XONE is an algorithmic token with a peg actively maintained by a smart contract. Subsequently, XONE won't be valued at 1 MATIC at all times as it is not collateralized and will be subject to a certain level of volatility.

Boardroom — Invest to earn XONE tokens

The Boardroom is the place to invest for everybody who wants to earn XONE tokens. The mechanism is straightforward:

  • The Boardroom solely accepts XFACTORY tokens for deposit.

  • Accordingly, if someone wants to earn XONE tokens, they have to buy and deposit XFACTORY tokens.

  • As long as the price of XONE is above its 1:1 peg to MATIC, the token supply will expand.

  • In this context, the TWAP is the indicator to watch.

  • The TWAP is a "time-weighted average" of XONE's 1:1 peg to MATIC. Therefore, a TWAP above 1.01 will result in the mint of new XONE tokens.

  • The minted amount will be distributed to the XFACTORY holders in the Boardroom according to the distribution method described here: Expansion

Important: In case XONE's price is below MATIC, and the TWAP falls below 1.01 the Boardroom won't mint any new XONE tokens.

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