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We are thrilled to announce the introduction of an automated trading bot system that utilizes the latest AI to maximize profits. This article provides a complete overview of this ground-breaking functionality and all details you need to get invested.

One of the main goals of the X3DEFI is to create real-world use cases and develop utilities that generate revenues. The introduction of an AI-based trading bot represents a use case we have been working on heavily for several months. As a result, the X3DEFI ecosystem, with its core token, DARKX, will be one of the first DeFi projects to introduce an automated trading bot based on ChatGPT.

Subsequently, investors will have the chance to use the latest and most innovative trading technologies most conveniently.

The Trading Bot 🤖

The trading bot is a Python-based bot that runs on TradingView.It combines basic TradingView indicators with ChatGPT input. Backtests have shown a fantastic return of more than 10,000% in the 1-hour timeframe. Although we all know past results can differ from future performance, all test runs created positive results.

The bot will be initially equipped with $1,000 and uses 2x leverage. Thereby, we can ensure a high level of safety in terms of liquidation. The bot trades BTC in the 15-minute and 1-hour timeframe.

At the same time, we will constantly improve and adjust the bot to maximize profits. This includes fine-tuning the configuration as well as the usage of ChatGPT. Moreover, we are also working on adjusting the bot to other timeframes and tokens.

How To Invest 📘

Here's the essential part. We wanted to create an environment that provides different investment opportunities — according to the investor's risk level. As a result, we will develop three investment approaches.

Important: We will release more details regarding each investment approach during the next days/weeks.

1 — Stake DARKX in Diamond Vaults (Low risk / low reward)

The easiest way to get your share of the bot's earnings is to stake DARKX. All you have to do is to buy DARKX (in case you don't own already) and stake it in the DARKX Diamond Vault (link will be added soon). Every day, 10% of the bot's earnings are added to the Diamond Vault and distributed among the staked assets. Logically, the longer you stake, the bigger your earnings grow.

Since you can withdraw your assets anytime, there's no trading risk involved. As mentioned, this is probably the easiest way to make use of an advanced AI trading bot.

2 — Buy X3DEFI NFT from the Upcoming Collection (Medium risk / medium reward)

During the following weeks, we will launch a very limited NFT collection. The collection contains 100 NFTs and can be minted at the price of 100 MATIC. Additionally, we will have very limited WL spots.

The minted NFTs can be staked in a dedicated pool. Similar to the first approach, we will assign 10% of the bot's daily earnings to the pool, which will be distributed among holders. Contrary to the first approach, the earnings can be higher since the maximum amount of holders is limited to 100. The revenues generated from minting will be used as follows:

  • 20% for DARKX buybacks

  • 80% will be added to the trading account

The exact minting date is yet to be determined. However, you can expect mint start mid of February.

3 — Direct Investment (High risk / high reward)

The last investment approach is the most obvious. Similar to standard trading bots you can invest and receive potential earnings. In our case, initially, the investment will be made using MATIC. The minimum investment is 50 MATIC, which will be directly added to the trading wallet. In return, 50% of the bot's earnings will be distributed according to the share of the direct investment.

Example Let's make an example: Assuming you invested $5,000. Overall, the direct investments from all investors are as high as $100,000. We further assume the bot generates earnings of $5,000 in 24 hours. Accordingly, $2,500 (50% of $5,000) is distributed among direct investors. Since you hold a share of 5%, you will receive $125.

It will be possible to withdraw earnings and invested assets at any time. However, processing withdrawal requests will take up to 24 hours. Moreover, we are currently building a UI to provide the latest information about your investments and profit/loss.

Worth mentioning: Contrary to approaches #1 and #2, this approach represents the highest risk since you can lose your investment if the bot generates negative results.

Moreover, there's a 1% deposit fee for all deposits.

Bot Earnings Overview 💰

We discussed some of these aspects when discussing the different investment approaches. On top of that, here's a complete overview of the bot's earnings distribution:

  • 50% Distributed to direct investors

  • 10% NFT staking

  • 10% DARKX Diamond Vault (DARKX Buybacks)

  • 25% Re-Invest

  • 5% Processing Fee


To grow earnings, increasing the bot's trading capital is of the highest importance. Therefore, we will re-invest 25% of the profits.

Timeline ⏰

And here's the answer to your most pressing question: When will this amazing system be available? Short answer: Very soon.

More detailed answer: We haven't planned a big bang but will introduce the different parts of the system step-by-step. For example, we will start by adding the DARKX Diamond Vaults (initially without earnings from the bot) during the next few days. Moreover, we plan to begin the NFT mint latest by 15th February. Overall, we plan to have the entire ecosystem live and working within the next 2–3 weeks, latest by the end of February.

Outlook 🔮

After the successful launch, we plan to enhance our bot trading system particularly according to three pillars:

  • Chain Expansion: Offer our system on other chains, such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, etc.

  • Bot Expansion: Currently, the trading strategy is limited to Bitcoin. However, we plan to add additional coins. As a result, investors can choose the coins they want to trade.

  • Bot Tuning: We will constantly optimize and fine-tune the bot to ensure the best possible results.

✅ Questions? Get in touch with us on Telegram or Discord.

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