X3DEFI AI Trading NFTs

We're excited to announce our upcoming X3DEFI AI TRADING NFT — The world's only NFT that utilizes an automated AI/ChatGPT Trading Bot to create passive income.

All details about the AI Trading part can be found in our latest Medium article: https://medium.com/@DarkXPolygon/x3defi-announces-chatgpt-trading-bot-d72fafa70fbf

How are the mint funds used?

All mint funds are used for the project - the team takes no share of the funds. 20% will be used for $DARKX buyback and 80% go directly to the AI trading bot wallet to increase the rewards.

How to get whitelisted?

To get whitelisted you must hold >20K $DARKX. Please open a ticket on Discord to get whitelisted. In case you don't use Discord you can DM one of the team members on Telegram.

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