This Bread

The launch of "This Bread" has been postponed! New mint date will be announced soon.


This Bread represents our first line of NFTs containing 666 unique NFTs.

The NFTs bring a memeable adventure with explosive tokenomics. For holders, the NFTs provide an amazing opportunity to earn passive income that is independent of the floor price and trading volume!

Of the initial minting funds, 75% will be used to set up the RAAS rewards and 25% will be used for buybacks on $DARKX and the share tokens of our upcoming xFactory.

Staking & Rewards

The NFTs will provide a staking concept that utilizes the rewards-as-a-service (RAAS) concept from our partner Gaur Money. The concept behind RAAS is to use mint fees to fund a trading bot. The earnings of the trading bot are partially distributed to holders. Accordingly, the NFT provides a self-sustaining APR yield and pays out rewards in ETH!

NFT Details

How to get Whitelisted

In order to get whitelisted you have to hold 42,000 $DARKX tokens. In that case, you can send a DM to our Twitter profile, or hit us up on Telegram or Discord to get whitelisted.

How to get VIP-Listed

To get VIP-listed you have to hold PAYC Trio. Only one mint per VIP. DM us to get listed.

Sneak Peak

Here's a little collage of the NFTs

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