Contract Address: 0x5B494e116c0b8654c033a248F1a4B51f6930DB32

Chain: Polygon Chain (CRC20)


XFACTORY is the share token of Xfactory. You will be able to earn XFACTORY from Xfactory's yield farms, and pools, or buy it on the exchange. Due to its nature as a share token, you can use XFACTORY for the following use cases:

  • Invest it on Xfactory to earn XONE tokens

  • Stake it in pools and farms

Total Supply


Initial Allocation

  • 10% will be used for marketing and development.

  • 90% will be allocated to community members and unlocked linearly in 24 months

    • 90% can be earned by staking liquidity pools in pools or yield farms

    • 10% can be earned by single token staking

The 90/10 split between liquidity pools and single tokens might be reallocated depending on the usage.

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