Diamond Vaults

With Diamond Vaults, we offer an innovative staking opportunity that was specifically designed for long-term holders. Here are the most important details about the vaults:

How Diamond Vaults Work?

Basic Information

Diamond Vaults have a 10% transaction fee that is charged for every transaction: deposit, compound, withdraw. 3% of the fee is directly distributed among all Diamond Vault holders according to their stake. 7% go to the Diamond Vault reserves and are paid out over time to all holders.


There's no lockup period. You can withdraw your assets at any time.


The APR is mainly based on three factors: reserves, users' compound rate, and staked assets. Worth mentioning that the 3% fee that is directly distributed to holders is not included in the APR calculation. Therefore, it's basically an add-on to the APR.


We suggest and highly recommend following the 5/2 strategy, meaning to compound on 5 days of the week and take profits on 2 days. By doing so, everyone can help to ensure a stable APR.

Available Diamond Vaults

Currently, we offer two Diamond VaultS:

  • XONE


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